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I have to create a debate for my English class. I am debating a difficult topic, and I was hoping I could get some good ideas on where to start. My topic is that I have to prove that love is not nessicary for survival. Does anyone have any good ideas of how I could debate this?

First you must clearly define love. It is a word of many meanings. When two eagles mate for life, is it love? Are you speaking of brotherly love or romantic love? Then how long of a time to survive without love, a week, or generations?

look up the Greek word agapi. This may give you a place to start with your definition. To prove that love is not essential to survival, you will definitely have to limit your definition to a specific type of love. For instance the very need for survival indicates a "love of life".

Basically the topic is pertaining to people must have the love of other people to survive. Love in ones self is not really what this has to do with. And I would say that it is for generations.

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