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Posted by anonymous on Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 7:06pm.

The (aq) solution with the lowest freezing temperature would be which of the following:
0.010M NaCl
0.020M NaCl
0.030M C6H1206
0.030M NaNO3
0.030M HC2H3O2

The NaCl and the NaNO3 break up into two particles each. The sugar does not, and the acetic acid hardly ionizes at all.

That changes the concentration of dissolved particles to..

0.020M NaCl
0.040M NaCl
0.030M C6H1206
0.060M NaNO3
0.030M HC2H3O2

So the answer is: Which has the higher concentration of particles?

is it 0.060M NaNO3 because it has the higher concentration of particles?

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