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Physics (please help)

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A sinusoidal wave travels along a string. The time for a particle to move from maximum displacement to zero is 0.170s. What are the a)period b)frequency c) the wavelength is 1.40m what is the wave speed?

ok I know i need the equation T=1/f and the wave equation
y=YSIN{kx-wt} --> wavenumber and angular frequency
k= 2pi/lambda w= 2pi/T
so I know the time is 0.170s. I am confused as how to find T. They do not give me the amplitude or w inorder to find T. If you could explain to me how to find it I could do the rest of the problem I think.
Thank you

OK, time for one fourth cycle is .170

Period= 4 times that
freq= 1/ period

frequency*wavelength= speed

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