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Posted by Jill on Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 10:54am.

A vessel of 6.84 L in volume contains 3.61 L of pure water at 25C. A partial pressure of 3.67 atm of CO2 is quickly injected into the space above the water. Calculate the partial pressure of carbon dioxide remaining once the solution has become saturated with the gas. Henry's constant for CO2 at this temperature is 0.0350 M atm-1

so the initial moles you get using PV=NRT, so N=PV/RT and same for moles final (diff volumes used of course) but I think thats where I'm messing up. Because after that you divide by a volume, then by the concentration. But I think I'm messing up what volumes go where. I know what the answer ius supposed to be and I cant get it for the life of me. I'm thinking that for inital moles the volume would be 6.84 cause thats the whole thing. And then I'm thinking for final moles it would be 3.61 cause thats where the liquid is. But I dont know what I would divde by...the leftover 3.23? anyways I've tried many combinations and I cant get it. ANy help would be greatly apprecaited. I could be totally on the wrong track. Thanks

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