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Posted by Tyra on Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 8:21am.

Josie wrote a newspaper advertisement
about the school cafeteria's meatloaf.
She wanted everyone to try it, so she
explained how delicious it was and why
they should eat it.Was her advertisement
an example of descriptive,persuasive,
narrative, or expository writing?

Is this an example of persuasive writing?Because I know advertisements are usually written to persuade. On the
other hand, couldn't it be a descriptive
advertisement? Please give me advice!

Yes, I think it's persuasive writing.

~~Narrative is telling a story.
~~Expository is explaining something.
~~Descriptive uses as many of the five senses as possible to tell what something is like.

Certainly, there is description in the advertisement, but the purpose is to persuade.


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