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We have to translate the following sentences into spanish [we're working on subjunctive -- adverbial clauses.]

He will insist until she accepts.
My answer: Insistirá hasta que acepte.
Is this right? I know insistir often carries along "en", but it doesn't seem to make sense here in translation.

I do not know anyone who can do that without your explaining how.
My answer: No sé nadie quien puede hacerlo sin que expliques como.
This looks like one big mess to me. The english was worded in a way that we have not learned how to say in class. How can I fix this sentence up?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Excelente for the first one. In the second not saber but conocer = No conozco (a) nadie quien pueda hacerlo sin que expliques cómo. This is a negative antecedent (nadie) requiring the subjunctive so you end up with 2 subjunctive verbs in this sentence!

Do the last 2 lines refer to the second Spanish sentence? Hopefully you only had the two to translate?

Although you are working on adverbial clauses, you may have already studied indefinite antecedents? (alguien, nadie, etc.)

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