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Posted by Jasmine20 on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at 7:22pm.

Can someone please show me step by step how to do these. I've read the book and there examples and It is just not clicking.

Directions: Factor each of the following polynomials completely



Directions:Find all positive values for "K" for which each of the following can be factored.

Problem# 2

x^2 + x - K

I'll appreciate it...

14x^2-20x+6 = 2 (7x^2 -10x + 3)

You then attempt to factor
7x^2 -10x + 3 as follows:

7x^2 -10x + 3 = (ax + b)(cx + d)

Then a*c = 7 and b*d = 3 This then leads to:

7x^2 -10x + 3 = (7x + b)(x + d)

The coefficient of x is -10, if you work out the product you see that it is:

7*d + b

This means that you can take d = -1 and b = -3:

7x^2 -10x + 3 = (7x - 3)(x - 1)

thank you very much.

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