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Posted by Koco123 on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at 3:24pm.

wut iz,


do what the equation tells you
1)add 10+10+4
2)since in the other side of the eqaution you have 4x, in order to leave the X alone you must divide by 4 on both sides and you will get______
that is the value of X.
4)in order to make sure take the value of x and plugg it into the equation

wut iz,


wut iz I don't know?
What is I can help.
First combine terms.
Now divide both sides by 4 (what we do to one side we must also do to the other to keep the equality).
24/4 = 4x/4

Tell us what you don't undetstand if you don't get it.

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