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I need to take a sample of the following substances:
*an aromatic compound
*a liquid that has Alum in it
*a volatile liquid
*something with a ketone group in it
*something with an alcohol group in it
*something with an ester group on it
and 15 more substances by already found a sample of those I'm only missing this ones.

You need to take them where? and from where? and do they need to be pure? can they be purchased?

these items must be find in my kitchen or house, I don't have to purchase them, I guess a product must contain them. I have to take them to school, inside a ziploc bag

an aromatic compound. Is this aromatic as in a chemical aromatic compound or is it aromatic in that it has an odor. After shave lotion or finger nail polish have a good odor. For the life of me I can't think of a household item hat contains an aromatic chemical compound. Another tutor may help.

isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).

Finger nail polish remover often is acetone or acetone (a ketone) mixed with an ester such as ethyl acetate or amyl acetate. Look on the bottle to see.

A volatile liquid is anything that will evaporate. Water. Rubbing alcohol. gasoline (but I would be afraid to take that to school===way to flammable and dangerous). cologne.

Most medicine cabinets have alum in it. Of look in the canning section of a household. They often use alum when things are canned. Look on the label for potassium aluminum sulfate.

I hope this helps a little.

the aromatic is the chemical compund not something with odor. Thank you very much for your help I know the search for this substances was arduous.
this is a lot of help, thanks again

This answers were very helpful thanks

Something with an alcohol group in it, ester group in it, a pressure greater than 2.0 atm, a pressure less than 1.0atm

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