April 19, 2015

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Posted by Amber on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at 12:09pm.

Hello a compound with:

density of: .80 g/cm^(3)
volume of: 1ML
what is the mass?
How do you conver this?

mass = volume x density
solve for mass
volume = 1 mL = 1 cc = 1 cm^3
density = 0.8 g/cc
plug and chug
Post your work if you don't understand this and tell us exactly what it is you don't understand.

I got .8 grams for mass because I multiplied 1mL=1cm^(3) and the density which is .8 (g/cc)

That't right.
mass = v x d
mass = 1 cc x 0.8 g/cc = 0.8 g = 800 mg.

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