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Posted by jill on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at 10:00am.

could someone please explain how to work out the highest fhydride and the highest flouride of ununhexium ,if the valance is 6 UUHF6 AND UUH6 ,I THOUGHT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN UUH2COULD SOMEONE EXPLAIN MANY THANKS

hi Jill
i sent you a message are you able to help on q4 and q3 by any chance

hi mickey what number as there is many parts to questins 1-3

thanks jill
im stuck on part d mainly

is it question 1d or 3d

d but if you can help with part a it would be appreciate it

q3 part a and partd of the same question

7 alpha emissions would mean isatope of 264 atomic number=102 final product being woul put it in a lanthanide

how is this worked out as you have to show your workings

116Uuh292==>7 2He4 + 102X264

Now go to
and find the element X with an atomic number of 102.

I posted the Uuh losing 7 alpha particles just below; however, if you will repost you entire question again where we can see it we may be able to help with the other parts.

so that means x = the element No

That is right.

thank you so much

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