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Communism 1950s

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for how many years was it a rational fear of Communism before it turned into an irrational fear?

Thank you, Lance, for my chuckle of the day! :-)

For whom? Americans, Chinese? Japanese, Australian Aboriginals?

In Texas, especially from Dallas westward, some of us see the irrational fear still there. However, if you ask them, it is us liberal commies who are irrational, those folks see it as plain as day: Liberal left wing commie hippie out of wedlock Democratics are trying to take over their oil fields...and their schools...and their communities...and their land.
So you have to define what is irrational, and what the the standard for that decision.
I was called a left wing commie for voting for Bill Clinton.

  • Communism 1950s -


  • Communism 1950s -

    To what country were US troops sent in 1950 to battle Communism?......not an answer but simply a question in which I got "stomped".

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