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can someone correct this for me please.

Business and finance. Linda Williams has just begun a nursery business and seeks your advice. She has limited funds to spend and wants to stock two kinds of fruit-bearing plants. She lives in the northeastern part of Texas and thinks that blueberry bushes and peach trees would sell well there. Linda can buy blueberry bushes from a supplier for $2.50 each and young peach trees for $5.50 each. She wants to know what combination she should buy and keep her outlay to $500 or less. Write an inequality and draw a graph to depict what combination of blueberry bushes and peach trees she can buy for the amount of money she has.

so my answer will be:

2.50x + 5.5y <= 500

where the amount is less than or equal to $500

yes. The real fun part of this is later on in math, when you get a profit function for each plant: then the question is what combination she should buy to maximize profits.

awsome thank you

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