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Two identical balls each have a charge of -7.5x10^-6C. The balls hang from identical strings that are 8‹ from the vertical because of the repulsive force between the charged balls. The balls are separated by a distance of 10cm. What is the tension in one of the strings? What is the mass of one of the balls?

I drew a free body diagram for the right ball. I think it should have Ft going to the Northwest, Fg to the southeast and a Fe to the east. Where do I go from here to get tension and mass?

Hmmm. Find the angle. I cant decipher your problem, but use the distances you cited to do that.

Then, use the forces: tanTheta= electrical force/gravity force.

You can from that calculate mg.

/| |\
/ | | \
o | | o

o=ball, /=string, |=vertical
8‹between / and |
10cm between the balls

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