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Posted by claudia on Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 8:37pm.

how do you determine wich metal is the best conductor of heat?
by its sepacific heat, or mass or what?

specific heat can be used.

Best conductor? You have to take a rod, heat one end, and record how the temperature along the rod increases. Or you can look up the metals thermal conductivity, and just use that.

by using the specific heat i can find the conductivilty, right? but the most conductuble metal is one with low or high sepcific heat?
thanks by the way :)


I wanted to say that the high heat capacity had low conductivity. I looked up metals Cp and their thermal conductivity and found three or four examples at random.
Al Cp=0.9 J*g/K conduc = 2.37
Cu Cp=0.4 J*g/K conduc = 4.01
Fe Cp=0.5 J*g/K conduc = 0.802
Pb Cp=0.13J*g/K conduc = 0.35

So I don't see a correlation here.

Me neither, my guess will be that conductivity is measure by something else.
but thanks for helping

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