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Homework Help: Grammer

Posted by Gina on Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 2:11pm.

I have to identify the words in the brackets. Could you correct my mistakes:

(Amy) (was) very (happy) (on) (Sunday). (Amy's birthday) was on Sunday, (and) (no) one (could) (make) her sad. Amy ate (so) (much) bithday cake that she (couldn't) eat pizza. Robert didn't (like) the birthday cake so he told Amy and Amy (started) to cry. (Robert didn't apologize) (because he thought it was the truth.) (Amy (told) Robert to leave) and he left. (Later that day,) (Robert came to Amy's house) to apologize for his rude behavior. (Amy forgave him.)

Could you please tell me what the words in the brackets are . I will compare them to my answers:

My Answers:
Amy: subject
Was: verb
Happy:direct object
On: preposition
Sunday: object of a preposition
Amy's Birthday: subject
And: co-ordinate conjunction
No: adjective (???)
Could: verb
Make: verb
So: adjective
Much: adjective
Couldn't: verb
like: verb
started: verb
Robert didnt apologize:principal clause
Because he...truth: subordinate clause
Amy: subject
Amy told Robert...leave: ???
Later that day: subordinate conjunction
Robert Principle Clause
Amy forgave him: sentence (???)

Recheck "happy" You can not have a direct object after a being verb (is)

Amy's birthday - "birthday" is a noun.
"Amy's" is modifying birthday and would be a ?????<G>

No - adjective is correct.

Recheck "so" an adjective has to modify a noun. What does "so" modify?

couldn't is "could" and "not". Could is a verb..."not" is an adverb.

(Amy told Robert to leave) is the principle clause. Told is the verb of that clause.

"Amy forgave him" - you can call that a simple sentence if you wish.
Good job!


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