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Please could someone advise me on how to write a balanced equation for the breakdown off H2SeO3.
The solution is dissolved in water and conducts electricity. I know the charged ion present is H+ I am struggling to work it out and indentify the other ion formed, other than it is a negative charge. I would be very grateful if someone could help me out.

H2SeO3 + 2H2O ==> 2H3O^+ + SeO3^-2 OR
if you want to omit the water.

H2SeO3 (aq) ==> 2H+(aq) + SeO3=(aq)

I hope this looks ok.

Thank you very much for your time DrBob222.

I attempted it myself and came out with
the same thing, just lacked the confidence to believe I had it right, at least I have it confirmed.

Why not use B6 instead of cheating?

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