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Posted by Jasmine20 on Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 8:31am.

okay i have a table it reads.
It has 4 colums

Title population of Europe by age groups (population is in thousands)

First colum it reads down like this
age 0-14
age 15-64
age 65+
age 75+

second colum it reads
(In 1950)

third colum it reads
(In 1970)

Four colum reads
(In 1995)

the question asks between 1950 and 1995 , did the european population for age 15-64 or for age 75+ in crease by a greater percentage?

Now how do i figure this out can someone set up as an equation for me.Please

You have to calculate the population increase for each age group and compare.

percentincrease=(newpop-oldpop)/oldpop * 100

I don't know if i am doing this right. but this is what i did and what i got.

for the ages: 15-64

In 1995/In 1950 (100)=%

(487,110)/(359,162)*100=135.62 so i rounded and it would be 136.00 so if i move two decimal places over to the left the answer would be: 1.36%

For ages 75+
THen (in 1995)/(in 1950) (100)=%

(38139)/(14553)*100=262.06 so if i round the answer it would just be 262.00 which if i move two places to the left i get: 2.62%

so the the one that got the greater percentage was ages 75+

Why did you move the decimal place to the left? That makes no sense to me. Did I put that in the formula?

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