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physical geography

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1- A traveler leaves lima, Peru( approximately 12 degrees S Lat. And 90 degrees W. long.) at 8:00 am on Tues. Oct. 3rd and travels for 14hrs before arriving in Sydney, Australia( approx.34 degree S and 150 degrees E). what time and what day would the traveler arrive according to Sydney time? ( show work pleas)

2- If u left New Orleans 30 degrees N, 90 degrees W at 4:00 am on Friday Dec, 31, and traveled for 12hrs be4 arriving in Baku, azerbajjan 40 degrees N,30 degrees E at what time and on what day would u arrive in Baku?(show work)

We don't do homework for students. Duh.

We will be happy to critique your thinking, or assist you through difficulty. However, not being mind readers, we can't know what is your difficulty unless you express it. It appears you just want someone to do your work so you can copy.

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