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Posted by catalina on Wednesday, January 24, 2007 at 10:54am.

Q. Naomi has a formula that allows her to convert Clesius temperatures to Farenheit temperatures. She needs a formula for converting Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius tempertures. What advice can you give her?

I am thinking that I just reverse the preocess of the first conversion to get the second conversion, is that right?

Write conversion formula as an algebraic equation for the Fahrenheit temperature, F.
F = (9/5) C + 32

Then do an algebraic conversion for C in terms of F.

(9/5) C = (F -32)
C = ??

I assume that is what you mean by "reversing the process".

Yes and thank you!

i dont understand that is 9
5 c + 32

convert 38.1 to fahrenherit

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