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gov't campaigns

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in debates what are some things that help/hurt either president candidate?

i think by not answering questions and when president candidates look like they don't know what they are talking about.

in the overall presidential campaigh, what are some things that can help or hurt either candidate?

i said lying to the media may cause the trust to decrease. like President clinton and him having an affair. Also, by not having enough funds or money to get support from the public. Something that helps is for the candidate not say things like "i never lied in my entire life and i always keep my promises" That sounds too fake and people not believe that.

i need help for more things that hurt or help the candidate for both questions

What hurts most?
Looking unhappy, sweaty, or tense.

Talking in circles.

I am not certain not answering questions hurts, if the response is given so that it appears the question is deflected approprately. Seldom do presidential candidates directly answer questions.

In the overall campaign: It hurts to be associated with crooks. It hurts to be seen stuttering, or forgetting where one is, or have a bad hair day.

Lying is always bad. Lack of money hurts because you can't get your message out, and can be drowned by the opposition. Remember "I never inhaled?"

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