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Posted by Natasha on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 9:28pm.

Which one of the following groups has the best chance of bringing a class
action lawsuit?

A. Everyone who developed a severe
sunburn on the same day in Miami,
despite using one of the leading
brands of sun block.

B. Elderly patients who complain of
back problems and who all live in
nursing homes that are located in
the Chicago area,but are managed
by different companies.

C. Television viewers who claim that
being addicted to "reality T.V."
shows has caused their spouses to
divorce them.

D. Patients with the same degenerative
muscular disease, who all live in
a town located near a factory that
has been declared a hazardous waste
site by the Enviromental Protection

Would it be number 4?

I think it will be number 4;can you help me with my math please?

I would like to get another opinion

Will someone else please answer this question?

D for sure.

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