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Posted by Judy on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 7:01pm.

And if a length of a rectangle is 3 more than twice the width and the are is 90 cm squared than what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

The width of the rectangle is 43.5 and the length of the rectangle is 87. All together when you add it up it will make 90 cm squared.

If the area is 90 cm2, then I should point out that 43.5 x 87 is not equal to 90, so 43.5 and 87 can't be correct.

L = length
W = width
L x W = 90
L = 2W + 3
solve for L and W. I had to solve a quadratic by factoring. Check my thinking. Post your work if you get stuck and need further assistance.

Thank you for the help!
This has left me with the equation

I know you must factor this equation but I have tried many pairs of quantities (ex: (2w-45)(w+2) and cannot find one that equals the original equation. Thank you for all your assistance!

Try (2w+15)(w-6)=0

Check my work!!

Yes its right!

w would equal 6 and the length 2w+3 would equal 15
6 times 15 = 90! Thanks sooo much!

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