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Factoring Polynomials

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The book says:

Find three different values that complete the expression so that the trinomial can be factored into the product of two binomials. Factor your trinomials.


Okay, I tried Hotmath, but it didn't explain ALL the steps. I just simply COULD NOT figure it out. I will be able to factor the trinomials, I just need help finding the values that go in the blank. Any help is greatly appreciated! (note: this homework is due by Friday, so please answer soon. TYVM!)

Emily, I don't know if there is any fancier way of doing this other than trial and errror.
I just set up 2 polynomials:

(4g + )(g + ), and used for the blanks the factors of 10, (5,2 and 10 and 1). Then I did the same for:

(2g + )(g + ).

Does this make sense to you?

Thank you very much!

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