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Algebra Midterm

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I've been home sick with the flu and have missed 2 days of midtern reviewing. I have one more day and we're allowed one page of notes. I took a practice test online and totally failed. But I've been doing so well lately. Doesn anyone know where I can pick up on the earlier alegebra stuff I seem to be forgetiing. Like area of a triangle, solving regular equation, x and y intercepts, and simplifying. I never was good at those things but we've moved on to standform and point-slope form which isn't that bad. I guess the other stuff if back to haunt me. I have a 91% in algebra and I need an A in the class. Please help!

Here is my suggestion. Due to the late date, go to your notes and make flashcards on the things you have difficulty remembering. Use those flashcards frequently.

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