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A sample of InCl3, is known to be contaminated with NaCl. The contaminated sample weighs 2.84g. When the contamintaed sample is treated with excess AgNO3(aq). 574 grams of AgCl(s) are obtained. What is the percentage by mass of InCl3 in the sample? (All I really need to know is the chemical equation that results from this)

Figure the grams of Cl in 574g of AgCl.

Then, that same mass of Cl is in the 2.84g sample.

Let P be the decimalpercent of InCl3 in the sample
Let P1 be the decimal percent of Cl in InCl3 (from the formula)
Let P2 be the decimal percent of Cl in NaCl.

massCl= P*P1*2.84 + (1-P)*P2*2.84

solve for P.

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