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Homework Help: religion, help

Posted by kailin on Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 1:09am.

this is what i have for my next slide of information that i think could be used.
title: jerusalem
*capital and largest city
*location between mediterranean sea and dead sea
*the holiest city
*center of many battles

end notes is what i am also having trouble with.

another slide is about: title:tem commandments

*was given by god to moses to give to the jews
*are the important beliefs of judaism
*are a list of religious and morals imperatives
*hebrew bible
*represent the utterance of god on Mount Sinai

Why is Jerusalem holy to the Jews?
Why were there battles?

Next slide:
You have presented the ten commandments from a mostly Christian perspective. Do you have any Jewish friends who can help you on this slide?
If not, here are some questions to think about on this slide: What important beliefs of Judaism? Why did God give the commandments to Moses in written form? Is this the basis of Judaism? (answer: NO)
What is the relationship of all the other Laws in the Scripture (ie Deuteronomy)to the Ten commandments?

Good luck.

thanks. and no i do not know anyone who is jewish.

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