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Homework Help: U.S. Government

Posted by Anonymous--Need Help!! on Friday, January 19, 2007 at 6:45pm.

I have this question on a homework assignment and I need help.

Under Chief Justice Marshall's definition of "interstate commerce"
as quoted from the Gibbons v.Ogden case,
which one of the following activities would most likely be subject to regulation by Congress?

A. A rancher cuts timber on land he
owns in one state and transports
it 500 miles to his residence in
another state to burn in his

B. A woman regularly takes fruit that
she grows on her property and
donates it to a charitable food
pantry that is only two miles
away,but the pantry is in another

C. A company produces cookies that
will be shipped to other states
to be sold in student fundrasing

D. A college student makes money by
cutting hair in her dormitory and
she does not pay any taxes on the

If I am understanding the assignment
correctly, wouldn't the correct answer
be (C )?

Please Help Me!

Yes. You're right. C. involves both commerce (sales) and movement of goods between states.

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