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what is the nature of god for confucianism and daoism? i've done hinduism and buddhism but these two confucianism and daoism i can't find them.

Confucianism doesn't recognize a god. Many experts don't consider Confucianism as a religion. It's a philosophy and a moral ethic. Therefore, Confucianism doesn't have a "nature of god."

The same is true of Daoism. This is a philsophy, similar to Confucianism. There is no "god" in Daoism/Taoism. The Daoists believe that an impersonal force governs them.

thank you ms.sue for your help no wounder i kept reading and i wasn't understanding or even finding it.

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    Actually. Daoists believe in many deities; however, their main god would be Tao the creater of yin and yang.

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