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Can you help me solve this problem...?

A teacher said to a pupil:
To the nearest per cent, 1/6 is 17%

The pupil said:
So, to the nearest per cent, 2/6 must be 34%

Show that the pupil is wrong.

*How do you work it out?

it is 33% because:
the percentage repeats 3 which is lower than 5 so you don't round up, making the percent for 2/6 = 33%

Ah, sorry I was on stupid mode. Thanks for the help.

your welcome.

hey could you possibly help me with mine?

Sure, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to do it ;)

that's okay, i just need a hand with them, they are posted back a bit.

Ohh, God. Sorry Shay, I don't know how to do either of those questions.
I'm rubbish at maths :)

me too. but i have to do it. it sucks.

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