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math (rate)

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A blue candle is twice as long as a red candle. The blue candle takes 6 hours to burn out, and the red candle takes 15. After 5 hours, what fractional part of each candle is left? The blue candle's length is what fraction of the red candle's length? Explain how you got your answer.

well the blue candle's fraction left is 1/6 and the red candle's fraction is 1/3.
the blue candle's length is 1/2 of the red candle's existing length.
This is because after 5 hours there is only 1 hour left of the blue candle, and 10 hours left of the red candle giving you 1/6 left of the blue candle, and 1/3 (15/5=3)of the red candle left.
Since the blue candle 1/6 and the red candle 1/3: 1/6 is 1/2 of 1/3 therefor giving you the fraction 1/2 of the red candle is the existence of the blue candle.

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