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Posted by jennie on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 5:50pm.

Find the percent of 42377 books

i dont understand how to find percents

You don't have enough information to calculate percent. If we had a total of 42,377 books and we sold some of them

%books sold=(# books sold/42,377)x100

the question says:
For 1980, find the percent of all new ooks and new editions that were published in each subject area


Total New books and new editions=42377

%art books = (1,691/42,377)x100=3.99%

%educ books=(1,011/42,377)x100=2.39%
I should point out that adding all of the books together does not equal 42,377 but that's ok. For that reason the percent will not total 100%.
Do fiction, juvenile, and literature the same way. Check my work.

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