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how is schopf's theory similar to oparin's theory about the orgin of life?

MODERN STROMATOLITES are structures built by cyanobacteria(blue-green algae), grace Shark Bay, Australia. Elsewhere in Australia, J. William Schopf of the University of California at Los Angeles has found remnants of 3.6 billion-year- old stromatolites lying near fossils of 3.5-billion-year-old

cells that resemble modern cyanobacteria; the fossils (right photograph) apparently represent strings of microscopic cells (diagram). Schopf's discoveries indicate that, regardless of how life got started, it was well established within just a billion years after the earth first formed.

Some 30 years ago he proposed that the very first replicating system was inorganic. He envisaged irregularities in the structure of a clay - for example, an irregular distribution of cations (positively charged ions) - as the repository of genetic information. Replication would be achieved in this example if any given arrangement of the cations in a preformed layer of clay directed the synthesis of a new layer with an almost identical distribution of cations. Selection could be achieved if the distribution of cations in a layer determined how efficiently that layer would be copied. So far no one has tested this daring hypothesis in the laboratory. On theoretical grounds, however, it seems implausible. Structural irregularities in clay that were complicated enough to set the stage for the emergence of RNA probably would not be amenable to accurate self-replication.

Oparin also proposed life originated form non-life. He wrote a book:
Origin Of life that detailed his hypothesis. For it's time it was light years ahead. That's the only similarities I know of. Please read:

I think the main similiarity is that both men showed that early life was not like what the life we now know.
One found that the use of sexual reproduction changed the fossil record we see in evolution; the other found that the primordial soup in which complex organic compounds were formed changed the evolutionary trail.

Do u think u can help me with my science hw,like right now?????

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