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I just can't do this...
Two moles of potassium chloride and three moles of oxygen are produced from the decomposition of two moles of potassium chorate. What is the balanced equation? How many moles of oxygen are produced from twelve moles of postassium chlorate?

potassium chlorate is KClO3
oxygen is O2
potassium chloride is KCl
The problem tells you that equation AND it tells you the coefficients.
2KClO3 ==> 2KCl + 3O2

Look at the equation. If 2 mols KClO3 will formm 3 mols O2, how much O2 will we have from 4 mols KClO3? 6mols KClO3? 12 mols KClO3?

Thanks I got it now.

so in order to find out how many moles of O2 are produced from 12 moles of KClO3:
2 mols KClO3 form 3 mols O2
4 mols KClO3 form ? mols O2
Do you double the mols of O2
4 mols KClO3 form 6 mols O2?
6 mols KClO3 form 9 mols O2?

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    18 mols of oxygen

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