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Climate Graphs

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I need a climate graph of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada present time, so about 2000-2006. I have looked everywhere for stats or graph. I also need an older on for comparision perhaps the 1990s. Where can I find these. :(

This site has climate graphs of New Brunswick.

What year are these graphs in???

Climate is the weather a place experiences over many years, and a climate graph shows these averages. These graphs aren't dated, but I assume they represent the temperature and precipitation data collected over several years.

This web site may have useful information for you.

japan's climate

i need a graph of the climate of Italy NOW!! My homework is due in tomorrow!!

i need a climate graph for the hole of Italy by 4:42 plz
help me my teachers will kill me

  • Climate Graphs -

    i need a climate graph for japan now plz my teacher will kill me plz plz plz

  • Climate Graphs -

    You guys need to shut up and help out the people that need the asnwers.So shut up and don't click the POST ANSWER if its not a god dam answer.

  • Climate Graphs -

    Sorry, I'm pretty sure I'm late but if you didn't finish it yet you might find it in the library in a book. Perhaps a Encylopedia? Atlas?

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