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Please Help Very Urgent

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I am new to this website. I visited this website few times.I have some HEALTH questions.I am sick since 5 days.This is about my HEALTH.Please answer my questions if you know the answer to it!

My problem is:

I was chewing the BIG RED CINAMMON FLAVOR CHEWING GUM.I did not chew gum many days so I bought this gum and chewed it.The Expire Date of the gum was June 2007. After I finished chewing the gum I throwed the gum away.Then later my teeths on the right and left sides start to hurt.And I saw inside my mouth the two sides of my mouth was swollen.Those were big.I was shocked.
But now I don't have pain in my teeth but the sides are still SWOLLEN AND BIG.

My questions are:

Can It be a Infection?

Can It be due to Cold?

Can It be that I am allergic to CINNAMON?

Should I go to doctor/emergency?

If I go to doctor will they give me injection in my mouth?

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

I think you should of gone right away or even go now don't wait this is about your health. get going! Don't worry if they give you shots who cares if they give you 10 shots(i'm not saying they will this is an example) atleast your health will be saved don't you think?

I recommend you don't chew Big Red anymore. Do you think you ought to discuss this with your parents?

If my face was swollen I would go to the doctor without delay.

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