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Posted by jasmine20 on Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 4:12pm.

how do i write the equations so i can solve it i will do the solving but help me out with the equation please.for the following:

Four pencils and five pens cost$2.00. THree pencils and four pens cost $1.58. Find the cost fo a pencil and the cost of a pen.

and then also for this one:

Together, a stakeboard and a bicycle cost $199.00. THe skateboard cost $51.00 less than the bicycle. How much does each cost.

Ok..Number 1

let P represent the pencils and N represent the pens


4P + 5N = 2.00
3P + 4N = 1.58


let x represent the cost of the bicycle

The equation is

x + x - 51= 199

Hope i helped... link me if u need nemore help

solve for x and y

solve for S and B

For Problem #1
I get
x= 0.20
y = 0.24

for problem #2
I get

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