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early childhood question-plz help

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Mrs.Monroe,the crossing guard,is helping children cross the street. Spencer runs ahead of the group instead of waiting for the walk signal from Mrs. Monroe.Frantic,Mrs. Monroe yells at Spencer,"You are not paying attention today Spencer!" Which of the following is a positive "I message" Mrs. Monroe could have used instead?

1.I feel angry when you do that to me!
2.I feel scared when you do that because
you could be hit by a car!
3.I feel I need to tell your parents
about your misbehavior today.
4.I feel so proud of everyone else who
waited for the walk signal.
I know "I messages" state your feelings,
would it be number 2 example?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, the answer is probably number 2.

The trouble is, if she takes too much time telling the kid all about her feelings, he could be killed before she finishes her sentence.

She needs to shout, "STOP NOW!" and then go through the explanations later, after she knows the boy is safe.


Could the answer be # 4 as the more positive "I message"? Everyone likes praise and stating that you're proud of everyone who waited for the walk signal encourages them as well as the Spencer to do the "right" thing.

I know what I would have told the kid if I were the crossing guard...because I know psychology.....There is a fundamental principle of human motivation, that is the seeking out of growth needs and the avoidance of pain.
I would have given the kid a little discomfort so next time he knows he needs to avoid pain by not stepping into the street. Then the next time he comes, and does not step into the street, he can get some postitive reinforcement to meet his growth needs.
I don't like the answers. Safety comes first, over touchy feelings.

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