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Discipline and Guidance

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Two children are fightining over the blue marker. According to constructivist
discipline, what is the best approach
for the caregiver in this situation?

A. Take the blue marker from both
children and tell them to clean
up their work,since they cannot
get along.

B. Stand back and see if the children
can resolve it themselves. Intervene
if nesessary and guide them to
developing their own solution to the

C. Put both children in time out and
tell them that the blue marker is
at your desk, and they can have it
back if they come up with a
solution to their disagreement.

D. Give them a lecture about how to
share. Make sure both understand
that they are not behaving in a
manner appropriate for school.

Would "b" be the correct answer?

Yes, I think it would be the correct answer for that situation. Because the chidren must learn sometime. Be careful though you don't want anyone hurt!

= ]

B is the correct constructivist answer.

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