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Math grade 7

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could someone please help me with this two part question? I can not understand it. I need to hand in my homework by tomorrow. Thanks

A thousandths grid is completely coloured in when three different decimals are shown. One decimal is double one of the others.

a) what could the three decimals be?

b) how do you know there are many answers to part a)?

  • Math grade 7 -

    how do you do do 2 step algebra

  • Math grade 7 -

    The three decimals could be
    0.1 , 0.2 and 0.7
    0.2 , 0.4 and 0.4
    0.3 , 0.6 and 0.1

    There are many solution to part a). As long as the three number added up to 1 (i.e. a gird is completely coloured) and one number is double the other number.

    In algerba, first decimal is x, the second decimal is 2x and third decimal is y. Add them all up we have 3x + y = 1

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