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Homework Help: math

Posted by joe on Tuesday, January 9, 2007 at 9:26pm.

belinda if ur still here to help i would appreciate it so much but 5z-2 (5z-2 is under a radical sign) +7=10

anyone else who knows how to solve this with it coming out equal please help thanks again :)

wow, I am SO incredibly stupid 3 times in a row! When you get to 5z=11, you divide 5 by each side and get z=11/5. When you plug it in, 5(11/5)=11, then -2=9. The sqrt of 9 is 3 and 3+7=10. Wow.

Is it (sqrt 5z-2)+7=10
If so, then
sqrt(5z-2)=3. Square both sides.
Check me out on that.

thanks belinda and no your not incredibly stupid i did the same thing, unless i am incredibly stupid lol

it still doesnt come up even???wierdi plugged it in and the square root of 5(1.2)-2 plus the 7 does not equal 10?
it come up to only 9 ? im confused :(

OK. 11/5 is not 1.2! 11/5 is 2.2. sqrt(5(2.2)-2)+7=10.

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