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Homework Help: math correction

Posted by jasmine20 on Tuesday, January 9, 2007 at 7:42pm.

can someone correct this for me.Also do i have to solve it all the way or what does it mean by inequality form.

Business and finance. The cost for a long-distance telephone call is $0.36 for the first minute and $0.21 for each additional minute or portion thereof. Write an inequality representing the number of minutes a person could talk without exceeding $3.
Let x = be the number of minutes:
The first minute cost $0.36
The remaining x 1 minutes cost $0.21 each
So the remaining x- 1 minutes altogether costs $0.21 (x 1)

Total cost = $0.36 + $0.21 (x 1)

This must be less than or equal $3.00. So we have:
$0.36 +$0.21 (x- 1) <= $ 3.00
Multiply through by 100 and drop the $s
36 + 21(x 1)<= 300
12 + 7 (x 1) <=100 (In this step in order to get this equation I had to divide both sides by 3 to make the numbers smaller.)
12 + 7x 7 <= 100
7x + 5 <= 100

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