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There are several oxides of nitrogen; among the most common are N2O, NO, and NO2.

1.Write the Lewis structures for each of these molecules. In each case the oxygens are terminal atoms.

2. Which of these molecules "violate" the octet rule?

3. Draw resonance structures for N2O.

4. How would you expect the nitrogen to oxygen bond distance in NO compare to the average bond distance in NO2?

5. What experimental evidence leads us to believe that there is a double bond in the oxygen molecule? What experimental evidence leads us to believe that there are unpaired electrons in an oxygen molecule? Can you write a reasonable Lewis structure for O2? Explain!!


There are rules to follow to draw the electron dot structure of molecules. Read your text and your notes then try your hand at it. Here is a site that should help you.

Post specific questions about the above which you don't understand.
It is almost impossible to draw these structures on the computer.

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