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So do you mean that what makes up the hindu religion is all six traditional schools of Hindu philosophy which are the (samkhya, yoga, nyaya, vaisheshika, purva mimansa, vendanta)

and what does this part mean is he one that makes up the hindu religion as well-> define Astika [6] (believer, Hindu) as one who accepts the authority of the Vedas as supreme.

Those six schools are in the mainstream Hindu. I hesitate to call it a religion, it is more of a life style.

Astika is the person or school who accepts Vedas as supreme. THe Astika are the six traditional schools. Note that only four of them belief in a God.

Now do you see what I mean by hesitation in calling Hindu a religion....

You need to do some reading. I suggest Wikipeda.

I've done the reading in wikipedia. But i just don't understand the whole concept. About calling a hindu a religion that's what my homework asks. What i need to know is what actually makes up the hindu religion so for it should i put the schools is that what you mean if not then what does make up the hindu religion? This is why i ask for help because i don't understand i thought since the beginning it was just a believe. Like anyother religion.

What makes up Hindu religion? The understanding of Karma, and the understanding of Vedas. The six schools I mentioned are differing interpretations of Vedas, and differing life styles to achieve Karma. Two of the schools teach Yoga, the others do not.

Let me see if i understood this time around. so what makes up the hindu religion is the meaning of karma and the meaning of vedas. And the six schools are apart of what makes the hindu religion as well.

That is close. Reread Wiki article with this in mind.

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