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MATH Trouble HURRY!!!!

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If the scale factor from a small figure to a large figure is given as a percent, how can you find the side lengths of the large figure from the side lengths of the small figure?

34 percent is 34/100

Set that equal to small/large

34/100=small/large, and solve for large.

Can you give us a specific problem? But let's say it was 50% bigger than the small and the small was a rectanglular box 10 X 8 X 4
Ok, then you multiply each number by .50 and add it to the numbers.
So, 10 X .50=5
8 X .50=4
4 X .50=2
Now add
So the bigger box sides are
15 X 12 X 6

For each small side ss and large side ls

ls = ss + ss * percent

ls = ss * (1 + percent)

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