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tricky psychology

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what do agonists do?

in comparison with older people babies
a. sleep more fitfully, they tend to wake up more often
b. sleep more deeply, they spend more time in stages 2 and 4 sleep
c. spend more time in the rem stage than any other sleep stages
d. spend more time in stage 1
e. sleep more than young adults but less than people over 50

what is the best analogy for psychologists to view consciousness?
a.on/off switch on a computer
b. a circuit breaker that controls power to a house
c. a fuse that allows electrcity to pass through until a short circuit occurs
d. a dimmer switch for a light fixture
e. the ignition switch on a car

durinf a normal nights leep, how many times do we play through the different stages of sleep?

i have looked everywhere, someone please help! thank you so much!

After teaching chemistry to young people for years, it is apparent to me that consciousness is much like a dimmer switch in the brain.

Isn't an agon a struggle? So an agonist is someone involved in an agon.

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