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what are 4 chemical properties of organic compounds?i know there non polar molecules and they tend to e soluble in non polar solvents,,but my homework says i need 2 more and i don't know what else..thanks :)

Some organic compounds are non-polar and some are polar. In fact, there are many polar organic compounds. However, I don't think of polarity as a chemical property. Neither do I think of solubility as a chemical property. Neither polarity nor solubility in a solvent changes its composition (unless there is a reaction of some kind).
(1)Most organic compounds will burn in oxygen if the temperature is high enough.
(2)Carbon can attach to another carbon atom and form long chains. Attaching tp itself is called catenation.
(3)Many organic compounds contain double or triple bonded carbon atoms which changes their reactivity and specificity.
(4)Chlorine, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and phosphorus form compounds with carbon as organohalogen, organonitrogen, etc compounds.

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