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Homework Help: MATH!

Posted by Austin on Thursday, December 21, 2006 at 1:26pm.

How do you make a coordinate plane graph? I can't go and get my text book because its winter break! Could someone help me here? I need to know how to make one using an equation. specifically these equations

y = 6x - 2

y = -3x + 5

y = x + 3

please I need help now!!!

do you have a ti82 calculator?

I don't have a TI82 calculator.
How to make a graph.
For the equations, make a table for each and graph each separately. For the first one. Just assign values to either x or y and calculate the other.
x     y
0     -2
1     +4
2     +10
-1    -8
-2    -14

Then use a suitable scale, mark 0 at the center, and +x to the right, -x to the left, +y up and -y down. Then put the points in the table on the graph and draw the straight line.


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