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Homework Help: math, beginning algebra

Posted by jasmine20 on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 at 2:35am.

how do you solve this i've tried many ways and i always get stuck.

-4(2x - 3 ) = -8x + 5

you use -4x times 2x first, then you times -3. so you have (-8+12)=8x+5. you know -8+12 is 4, so the equation becomes 4=8x+5. so x is probably a negative number. so 4=5+8x and then you know 4-5=8x. -1=8x, so x is -1/8. i think that's the answer.

opps. i think i missed the x. is there even an answer?

-4*-3=-12 so
Adding 8x to each side gives
So the x term cancels and this equation has no solution.Obviously -12 does not equal +5.

I hope this helps.

Oy! 2 mistakes in the responses(It's ok...we all make mistakes) Ultimately, there is no answer. BUT...

-4 (2x-3) = -8x +5

-8x + 12 = -8x +5

The 8x's cancel each other out. So Dr. Bob's response should say

"Obviously +12 does not equal +5"

Bob's right: There's no solution.

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