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Check my Book Report

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Check for any corrections i should make...

Heres the Instructions:

-An Intro Paragraph that includes a clear thesis statement that adresses the prompt

-At least 3 clear and detailed body paragraphs which cite specific examples from the novel and support your thesis statement

-An insightful conclusion that reflects on the topic of the essay

Part One: Write a 5 paragraph essay showing how the author of your novel portrays war. For example, is war a necessary evil, or is it something that should never happen? Is War and proud time or a sad time? Establish how your author feels about war in your thesis statement, the find 3 examples from your novel to support your thesis statement

Part Two: Write a 5 paragraph essay explaining how the main character is affected by war. Your character may be affected emotionally and/or physically. He or she may lose something or gain something. Consider the 3 ways which the character is affected the most and support this in your body paragraphs

Heres my book report:

Wings of Honor Part One

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